Retail and E-Commerce

Industry specific digital transformation

Our team has a wealth of expertise in cloud and DevOps technologies backed by the retail and e-commerce industry experience

Elevate your retail and e-commerce business with our team of experts

We can assist with everything from software performance optimization and legacy software support and modernization, to data engineering and cloud migration

Cloud migration and DevOps implementation

Data engineering and analysis to decrease the load on production DB

Software performance optimization, especially for seasonal peaks

Sales website and mobile app design and development

Legacy software support and modernization

Cloud transformation for Retail and E-commerce

Our team has extensive experience in helping retail and e-commerce businesses migrate to the cloud and implement DevOps practices.

Cloud migration strategy
Cloud platform selection and deployment
Continuous integration and delivery
Infrastructure as code
Monitoring and logging
Disaster recovery planning
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Software Performance Optimization

Our team can help your retail or e-commerce business improve the performance of your software systems to stand seasonal peaks of the load as well as improve throughput of online store and back office applications to allow for higher orders throughput.

Better throughput, less lost carts, smoother customer experience

Capacity planning
Load testing and performance analysis
Code optimization and refactoring
Database optimization
WAF, Caching and CDN implementation
Serverless architecture design
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Legacy Software Support and Modernization

If you have legacy software systems that are holding your business back, our team can help.

Code migration and refactoring
Legacy system analysis and assessment
Modernization strategy and planning
Integration with new systems
Testing and quality assurance
Support and maintenance
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Retail analytics and data engineering

Our team has experience in helping retail and e-commerce businesses leverage their data to make better informed decisions.

POS data analysis, loyalty programs data supply

Data governance and security
Data warehousing and ETL development
Data lake design and implementation
Real-time data processing
Data visualization and dashboarding
Machine learning and predictive analytics
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Custom web and mobile applications

Our team can work with you to develop custom solutions for your specific retail or e-commerce needs.

General of event specific software development

Marketing and advertising
Data analysis and business intelligence
Customer service and support solutions
Custom software development
Training and development
Custom cloud and DevOps solutions
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Client case

We recently worked with a large retail chain to modernize their legacy point of sale system in order to improve throughput.

Legacy system migration to a modern cloud platform
Enhancing the system to support new features and functionality

Developed a plan to migrate the legacy system to a cloud platform, which involved refactoring the code and integrating it with new systems


The modernization of the point of sale system resulted in improved performance and reliability, as well as new capabilities that helped the retail chain better serve their customers.

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Our client says

Efa Morris
Efa Morris
2 Years with Forrards

I recently worked with Forrards Group in the retail and e-commerce industry, and I was thoroughly impressed with their level of expertise and professionalism. The team at Forrards Group was able to provide me with a wealth of insights and recommendations for my business, and they worked closely with me to develop a strategy that was tailored to my specific needs and goals. Throughout the process, I found that the team was always responsive and engaged, and they went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with the results. They were able to help me increase my online sales and improve my overall customer experience, and I couldn't be happier with the results. If you are looking for a team of experts in the retail and e-commerce industry, I highly recommend Forrards Group. They have the experience and knowledge you need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace, and they will work closely with you to achieve your goals.

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Utilizing given approach each client get his own database. In such case every client`s data stays isolated from others. It simplifies backing up the data, installing new clients but causes higher cost of maintenance.

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In our time of greatest prevalence of databases were relational databases, which are the main targets of the tables and the relationships between them. Tables can solve most problems for data storage and manipulation. But in the real world entity requiring storage is not always presented in a tabular form. One of these very common types of data structures other than the table is a tree structure, where each data element is the parent and the offspring. An example of such a structure may be the structure of state enterprises, which is headed by the director (the root of the tree), his deputies, heads of departments from which are subject to certain deputies, employees of departments, which are subject to the rulers.