Database Administration

24/7 Database Managed Services and Remote DBA

Forrards DBA Service goes beyond just management and support. Our proactive approach continuously optimizes your database for top performance and security

What can you expect from our Database Adminstration Services?

Now you can spend that time concentrating on other vital business requirements by hiring expert DBA professionals. The team of experts at Forrards will handle the DBA burden.

Our remote DBA support teams are always available to assist you

Proactive health checks, and continuous database monitoring

Major platform release upgrades, and more, so you can focus on your business.

Inspect your database servers and evaluate their condition

Performance tuning to help you achieve optimal results

Forrards Remote DBA services

Managing the day-to-day challenges of database administration, as well as tackling specialized tasks such as optimizing high availability, creating reliable recovery protocols, and providing support, can be overwhelming for a single DBA. Let our skilled database administrators, who have expertise in Microsoft SQL Server on-premises and cloud assist and enhance your current IT team.

Managing Advanced Database Technologies, i.e., Clustering, Replication, Cloning, Log Shipping

24/7 support and
Backup Assurance, Recovery
Database Performance Tuning
Database Monitoring and Alerting
Database Patches and Service Packs
Major Database Upgrades
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Database monitoring with Forrards

Database monitoring is a comprehensive service that provides continuous monitoring and support for your SQL Server databases, as well as alerting and escalation through the Database Service Desk. With this service, you can focus on your regular operations while we ensure the security and stability of your valuable data

Thorough database maintenance performed by our experienced professionals

Monitoring and alerting
Database Service Desk support
Patch management
Database maintenance
Emergency DBA support
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Forrards database healthchecks and assessments

In order to effectively manage your database, it is important to understand the potential risks and opportunities it may encounter. Forrards offers various database assessment services to help improve performance, increase reliability, and enhance efficiency. These services can also assist in optimizing your database for optimal productivity.

Examine your databases thoroughly to identify opportunities for improvement.

Core Database healthcheck
Performance assessment
Advanced database and application assessment
Vendor best practices
Database infrastructure assessment
Architecture assessment
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Take care of your database infrastructure with Forrards

We specialize in database server and infrastructure management. Our team continually monitors and manages your UNIX, Windows, and Linux servers to ensure optimal performance, uptime, and minimal disruption. Our network operations center (NOC) operates around the clock to manage, support, and deploy your servers globally.

Database servers, VMs, cloud and hybrid environment management

Data infrastructure planning
Database infrastructure OS and network management
Cloud solutions management
High availability, disaster recovery, hybrid environments
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Build your future with Forrards

As a leading consulting company, we understand the importance of properly maintaining your database. Without regular maintenance, your database can become cluttered, slow, and prone to errors, leading to decreased productivity and revenue. That's why we offer comprehensive database maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Speak to us today about all of your corporate database needs

Query troubleshooting
Regular integrity checks
SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Power BI maintenance
Index maintenance
Capacity planning and forecasting
Security monitoring and management
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Client case

24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support of data infrastructure  for one of the leading  cloud communication providers in the US, that supports companies across the world. 

Monitoring, management and planning of hybrid database environment
Business specific data metrics monitoring

Implementation of a 24/7 monitoring system to take care of on-prem and cloud SQL Server VMs and DBaaS of various versions, AlwaysOn, SSRS, SSIS and Power BI.


Uptime improvement, performance improvement, multi-tenancy infrastructure design and rollout

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Our client says

Ridwana Tawfeek
Head of Data an AI
Ridwana Tawfeek
3 Years with Forrards

One of the key things I admire about Forrards Group is their quick response time to any issues that we face with our database systems. They are always available to provide expert advice and guidance whenever we need it. The team at Forrards Group is very professional and friendly, making the entire experience of availing their services a pleasure. I highly recommend the DBA services provided by Forrards Group to any business owner who is looking for a reliable and efficient solution for managing their database systems. Their services are truly unparalleled and I am confident that you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Why Forrards Remote DBA Services?

Cost reduction, industry-leading expertise, focus on strategic initiatives, 24X7 support

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March 31, 2023

Utilizing given approach each client get his own database. In such case every client`s data stays isolated from others. It simplifies backing up the data, installing new clients but causes higher cost of maintenance.

Database consultancy: tree-like structure
March 31, 2023

Subject recursion is well covered in the literature, but, nevertheless, the problem of output “tree” does not mean the client and SQL Server many baffled. So, put the problem: there is a table with the name and record id field indicating the parent identifier. Immediately fill in this table, some sort of test data:

Database consultancy: Hierarchy in MS SQL Server
March 31, 2023

In our time of greatest prevalence of databases were relational databases, which are the main targets of the tables and the relationships between them. Tables can solve most problems for data storage and manipulation. But in the real world entity requiring storage is not always presented in a tabular form. One of these very common types of data structures other than the table is a tree structure, where each data element is the parent and the offspring. An example of such a structure may be the structure of state enterprises, which is headed by the director (the root of the tree), his deputies, heads of departments from which are subject to certain deputies, employees of departments, which are subject to the rulers.