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Architect and launch powerful apps to change your business

Leverage Our Agile Cloud Application Expertise. Our cloud app developers are experts in Microsoft Azure technologies. Modernize your existing apps or create something new

What can you expect from our Application Development Services?

We will select the right technology and support your team during development, so you can make your idea a reality in no time – in simple steps

Define your goals and criteria for success. We’ll prepare architecture guidance

Create a backlog and a cloud environment for the application

Develop CI/CD pipelines, and work on the backlog with automated cloud deployments

Validate the app and hold a handover session to share all the knowledge

Develop the app based on modern services and technologies

Build Modern Applications

At Forrards, we specialize in creating custom software solutions that improve the operations of your organization. Our skilled delivery teams will work closely with you to bring your idea from initial concept to full deployment, ensuring that you end up with a product that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals efficiently.

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Leverage the right tools
Transparent project tracking and forecasting
Thorough testing, security, and bug remediation
A support leased line
Faster value delivery through CI/CD and IaaC
Collaborative approach based on Agile and DevOps practices
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Synchronize Your Applications

Forrards can help you streamline your business operations by integrating your various applications. Our integration services include custom coding, networking design, and cloud platform integration to help you manage and maintain your systems more effectively. Additionally, integrating your applications can help you eliminate duplicate data and create synergies within your organization.

Application integration as a part of digital transformation

24/7 support
Application  communication and  data exchange
Custom code, APIs, and integration platforms
Seamless flow of information
A single source of truth for your organization
Reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure
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Modernize Legacy Applications

Forrards can assist you in determining which applications should be modernized, and can help you with the process of re-factoring and re-architecting those applications to meet new business needs or to take advantage of the benefits of advanced cloud platforms and services. Our guidance will help ensure that your decision making and execution around application modernization is strategic and effective.

Applications and solutions that take your organization to the next level

Improved performance
Improve the UX and make it easier to add new functionality
Extend the life of an application and reduce maintenance costs
Manage cost and complexity
Integration of the new technologies and features
Re-factoring and re-architecting existing code
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Test Strategy & Automated Testing

To ensure the quality of our software solutions, Forrards uses a combination of manual regression testing and advanced automation testing. These efficient testing methods are particularly important in the context of rapid iterations and continuous delivery, which are key components of our continuous improvement approach. By thoroughly testing our software at every stage of development, we can identify and fix issues early on, ensuring that our solutions are reliable and of the highest quality.

Essential Component of Technology Delivery

Save time and resources in the long run.
Identify and fix performance issues
Security and compliance with industry standards
Release new features faster
Reduce the time and effort required to test an application
Focus on discovery and usability testing rather than routine tasks
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Hosting Solutions Built for Your Applications

Forrards can help you ensure that your essential business applications are deployed on a reliable and resilient platform. We offer guidance on both application deployment and system architecture to help you create a platform that keeps your users productive and your business running smoothly. Our expert team can help you design and implement a hosting solution that meets your specific needs and goals.

Speak to us today about all of application hosting requirements

Guaranteed Uptime
cost-effective hosting platforms tailored to your applications needs
A high level of availability and failure protection
Secure & Compliant
Scale your apps and services to meet changing business demand
Connect your on-premises and cloud environments
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Client case

The Partner Certification Portal is a universal solution for issuing certificates to partners based on ASP.Net Core, Entity Framework Core, and Vue. It solves the problem of certification of distributors of goods produced by the client.

Unify the process of issuing certificates for each type of partner
Minimizes the client's costs for issuing partner certificates

SQL Server Managed Instances, Azure
functions, App as a service


The solution streamlines the process of issuing certificates and allows for the approval and rejection of applications. It also minimizes costs by dynamically generating and exporting certificates to PDF for printing, and can be integrated with analytical platforms via API.

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Our client says

Korbin Solomon
Korbin Solomon

I was looking for a team that could help me develop a mobile app that could cater to my business needs. I found Forrards Group and was immediately impressed by their team of highly qualified developers. Their developers not only had the technical knowledge but also the creativity to turn my ideas into reality. Throughout the development process, Forrards Group kept me informed and made sure that the end product was exactly what I wanted. Their developers worked with me to ensure that the app was user-friendly, visually appealing, and met all my business requirements.I am extremely satisfied with the end result, and my customers love the app. I have received numerous positive feedback and have seen an increase in sales since launching the app.

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With Forrards App development guidance, leadership, and solutions, improved software and service delivery is within reach. Let us help you take the next step forward.

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March 31, 2023

Utilizing given approach each client get his own database. In such case every client`s data stays isolated from others. It simplifies backing up the data, installing new clients but causes higher cost of maintenance.

Database consultancy: tree-like structure
March 31, 2023

Subject recursion is well covered in the literature, but, nevertheless, the problem of output “tree” does not mean the client and SQL Server many baffled. So, put the problem: there is a table with the name and record id field indicating the parent identifier. Immediately fill in this table, some sort of test data:

Database consultancy: Hierarchy in MS SQL Server
March 31, 2023

In our time of greatest prevalence of databases were relational databases, which are the main targets of the tables and the relationships between them. Tables can solve most problems for data storage and manipulation. But in the real world entity requiring storage is not always presented in a tabular form. One of these very common types of data structures other than the table is a tree structure, where each data element is the parent and the offspring. An example of such a structure may be the structure of state enterprises, which is headed by the director (the root of the tree), his deputies, heads of departments from which are subject to certain deputies, employees of departments, which are subject to the rulers.