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Custom Database Development

Forrards boasts a wealth of experience in data-centric software development and database services on SQL Server platforms.

By analyzing your business aims, the market characteristics in which your business operates, and your target audience, we are able to produce specialized database systems that satisfy your specific needs in terms of achieving quality, efficiency and marketability.

Examples of methodologies that we use for database development include Scrum, XP and Agile. These allow us to receive on-going feedback from customers and therefore give us the flexibly to adapt to any changes in customers’ demands during the whole cycle of database development and monitoring.

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What is included

  • Brief analysis of the project and recommendations
  • ER model is provided to you after initial requirements gathering interview

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Buy acyclovir 800 mg cheap, Acyclovir cheap online

About Database Development Services

We offer:


Tuning your existing database solutions

If your company is already using a particular database solution we can take care of the following:



Database GUI Development

If end-users work with your database it will need a user-friendly interface. We create database interfaces based on web and desktop technologies. Our professionally designed interfaces allow end-users to interact with the database in a simple and efficient way so that users can easily complete their objectives.

Here are our main database application interface design principles:


Database development life cycle

Unlike the software development lifecycle, dealing with the database development lifecycle is often problematic for many software development companies. Throughout our many years of database development work, we have created and verified an outstanding approach to database development. It consists of both business and technical aspects that strongly depend on each other when we need to build a perfect database for real world business. Here are the key steps involved in the database development lifecycle:

Once the above-mentioned steps are done the whole system is extended with new features and changes on an iterative basis while keeping the database and application code in sync. All updates are run with thorough QA procedures and can be automatically rolled back.


Performance and Scalability

We pay close attention to the performance and scalability of the database from the very beginning of development.  Since the proper architecture of the system is created during this stage, we make it in such a way that allows the system to be scaled as the business grows. This, in turn, adds new features easily as well as changes existing settings.  Ultimately, this process results in great savings, ease of development and the ability to perform better maintenance in the future.



We always strive to create databases that use hardware in the most efficient way. A properly designed database can save a lot of hardware resources as opposed to a system created by an amateur developer.

We select the hardware for databases which fits the business needs in the best possible way (for example cloud, virtual or bare metal servers). 


Migrations and Upgrades

We provide the following services in terms of data migrations

Our Database Upgrade Services




Database applications

Custom database development business value


Benefits of custom database solutions

We build custom database solutions that meet your specific needs and business requirements. By utilizing our database development services, you get a system that serves and strengthens your business processes. This means there will be no more need to be constrained by out-of-the-box software.

It`s important to note that our Bespoke database solutions are not limited by the number of user or server licenses like the majority of out-of-the-box systems. Therefore, you only pay for the initial development of the system; afterwards you can use it for many years, add new users, and install it on new servers at no additional cost.

We will make sure that your Bespoke database fully meets your specific requirements. We build the systems in a way that allows us to easily accommodate your changing business requirements during development – even when the project moves to support.



Throughout our many years of experience working on database projects, we have had the privilege of making the systems in following industries:


Our experience

We have created databases for various companies from small businesses to world-famous corporations. By utilizing Bespoke database systems, our clients have made significant improvements in their business processes – which of course results in higher profits and budget savings.



We’re very flexible in terms of pricing. We offer fixed-price, time and material-based pricing options to our customers.