Database consultancy: Reports generator for MySQL

No matter how much you’ve worked with MySQL, from time to time a modern and reliable report generator is needed.
The up to date reports generator should have the following capabilities:

The most popular modern reports generator tool is Crystal Reports. It is a really powerful, recognized, industrial reporting tool. The only problem is this tool doesn’t support export to different formats listed above, especially Enterprise version.

Analysis shows that Crystal Reports is much easier than Rave. On the other hand, it is close to the Fast Report and powerful enough for corporations, but not as much as Rave, which generally refers to entirely different class of generators. Rave is a page generator (not a sectional one). It has very strong runtime capabilities. Most of the other generators were originally developed as visual and runtime features are typically very limited.

However Rave is too difficult and if it is not investigated at the proper level, the benefits won’t be recognized and it will be the same as the others + headache.

As for Unicode, only Crystal Reports tool supports it. So if there is a need for Unicode in databases, the choice narrows to Crystal Reports again.

Other two popular reports generators for databases are Xinorbis 6.0.22 and FastReport VCL 4.14. Both of these tools generate a large range of graphs and tables, allowing their users to see where and how the disk space is used.

Forrards Group is a database consultancy which has a solid experience in reporting tools development and reports managing. We provide solutions in reporting integrated with MS Office and exporting capabilities. Please contact our support managers to get more details about it.