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Custom Report Development

About Custom Reporting

By utilizing the power of custom reporting solutions, your company will be able to benefit from extracting valuable information hidden in corporate data. Custom reporting solutions based on Microsoft SSRS will help you to understand your business better and improve the performance and effectiveness of company business units.


Flexibility of Reporting Solutions

From an end user’s perspective we strive to deliver highly dynamic reports. This means that users (i.e. data consumers) will be able to pass various sets of parameters to reports and get information back immediately. From a technological standpoint we create reporting systems that are highly scalable and fast – which allows us to address change requests very easily. In case our reporting solution is further maintained by the client`s IT department it will be easy for them to further customize and extend it.


Development Process

The steps in our report development process are listed below:


Technological Challenges

Usually we utilize the power of Microsoft Reporting Services to meet clients’ reporting needs. Adding our own custom code libraries to this platform allows us to achieve amazing results in any reporting solution project.

It’s often the case that IT infrastructure is not ready for building reporting solutions because of various technical limitations. In such cases we help to optimize the parts of the IT infrastructure which keep the company from building powerful reporting solutions.

Crystal Reports to SSRS Migration


Business Value

Migration from Crystal reports to SSRS allows us to cut costs as SSRS is already a part of SQL Server and is not additionally charged.


Technological Challenge

When we build a reporting solution we reuse report structures and custom code libraries. This allows us to decrease the time spent on the project and deliver world-class quality.


Is automation possible?

Automation of Crystal reports to SSRS conversion is possible only up to a point. When it comes to really complex reports there is always a need to perform manual actions. One of the reasons for this is that a number of controls in Crystal reports do not have direct analogues in SSRS.


Our Experience

We convert about a few hundred complex Crystal reports a month. Our clients come from various industries. We`ve helped small businesses and international corporations.



Prices for conversion of Crystal report to SSRS really depends on a set of factors such as:

We offer the most competitive prices among companies who do similar projects. This is achievable due to our wide range of experience and technological excellence.