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Database Quality Assurance

Forrards strives for the highest demands on the quality of produced database systems and remote DBA services and is accountable for it. The use of advanced technologies allows us to meet the highest industry standards and achieve maximum results by combining:

Database testing done within such methodologies as Scrum Agile, XP, and Kanban allows us to quickly discover bugs (even in the early stages of development).

We highly appreciate and understand our customer’s aims and the risks he runs by using database systems developed by third party companies.
That is why we reach out to our customers and try not to permit new products to be released without thorough, full-fledged testing.

Our quality department consists of true professionals that have a wealth of experience in the IT industry. Every worker in our company deeply understands his role and the responsibility he takes for a developed product.

We run the whole range of events for database testing starting with test documentation compilation and ending with acceptance and Beta-testing. Our QA department runs the following types of tests:

The automated testing instruments used within the Continuous Integration process allow us to test each intermediate build of the system. We use the biggest set of metrics that describe a product in detail. That is why our test coverage embraces the software we develop.

We are always open for discussion about new customer’s needs and are ready to implement them in every stage of the process.

Can you buy acyclovir online, Acyclovir cream buy online

  • World Class Technical Talent
  • Collective knowledge
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Security & Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Focus on database consulting