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Remote DBA experts: knowledge base

Buy aciclovir tablets boots - Buy aciclovir tablets 400mg

In our time of greatest prevalence of databases were relational databases, which are the main targets of the tables and the relationships between them. Tables can solve most problems for data storage ...

Database consultancy: tree-like structure

Subject recursion is well covered in the literature, but, nevertheless, the problem of output "tree" does not mean the client and SQL Server many baffled. So, put the problem: there is a table with t...

Database consultancy: SaaS database considerations

There are three well-known types of SaaS database architectures. 1)Separate Databases; 2)Shared Database, Separate Schemas; 3)Shared Database, Shared Schema.Some more details below.Separate DatabasesU...

Database consultancy: ROW_NUMBER() function

ROW_NUMBER function numbers the rows returned by the query. You can use it to perform more complex ordering of rows in the report than the one given by the ORDER BY clause. Using the ROW_NUMBER you ca...

Database Consultancy: SQL for economist

If you’ve ever tried to find a job with economist position, you’ve definitely faced with sql knowledge requirement. Statistics show that over 75% of economist jobs require database and sql knowled...