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Remote DBA experts: knowledge base

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Very few people have thought about this performance killer. It is all about report parameter of text type. The initial situation There was a table with about 45 million rows. Some columns in the tab...

SQL Server issue: switching partitions using the parameter with enabled replication

It’s quite an unpleasant thing that we had to face once. There was a working script, which had been functioning for a long time and did not cause any problems until a need to replicate a few directo...

How to create a database on a network share

If for any reason you need to place the database on a network share and by default this option is off you can follow the way described below: A database on a network share is created by running T-s...

MS SQL Server 2014 Mirroring – thanks for being alive!

I decided to check if there is still database mirroring option in MS SQL Server 2014Wow! It works![caption id="attachment_265" align="alignnone" width="1024"] MIrroring is still alive in SQL Server 20...

How to convert to Base64 and backwards via T-SQL

I want to share my way to convert a string to  Base64 and back. Let me note that presented method is not the fastest, but it has one important advantage - it works OOB, without CLR functions. We need...