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SQL Server Database Experts

Forrards is an international remote DBA services consultancy.

We are professionals in database administration and custom database development.

We cover all aspects of database services such as:

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Industry Expertise

Our customers represent a vast range of companies: from small and medium-sized businesses to world-famous giants that work in various business fields. We have successfully run database projects from start to finish in the following areas:



Forrards provides clients who require business-critical data solutions with top quality data consulting and database-managed services.

By using flexible development methodologies we successfully adapt to the requirements changing over the time and other customer`s requests.

During the database development process we help to find bottlenecks in the business processes and optimize them and this results in additional benefits for our customers.

We`re not a typical consulting and outsourcing company which lacks flexibility and looks to get as many clients as possible. Our priorities are providing quality services and building strong, long-term relationships with our clients.  We`re always ready to go that extra mile and be engaged in business!

Best value for your money

We provide a blend of offshore and nearshore services.

Using human resources in the territory of Eastern Europe significantly decreases expenses, thereby offering customers competitive prices.

This efficient process allows us to maintain customers’ support 24/7.

Business Comes First

Our aim is to make our customers happy, and we apply all our knowledge and skills to achieve this goal.

Being professionals in SQL Server database development and administration we nevertheless speak the language of business and customers; we consider it incorrect to provide a customer with highly technical terminology if one does not ask for that.

Technology Excellence

Reusing groundwork such as ready-made code libraries and scripts (which have passed quality assurance and were used in numerous real-life projects) allows us to significantly shorten the project time scales and improve the quality of our services.

Unlike some other IT service providers we give great consideration to our services, especially when it comes to documenting and testing.